Gazelle Strategic Partners

Is your marketing authentic,
transparent, human, and speaks to the customer?
Are you listening to
what your customers are saying?
Driving traffic is not the same as
generating quality leads

Improve Your Business Today!

Marketing today is about being authentic, transparent, human, and putting the customer first. Do you have the in-house resources to strategize and implement all aspects of your marketing? Marketing is critical; however, having full in-house teams is never profitable for small to mid-sized companies.

Outsourcing marketing is not a new concept. It has been around for years, but mostly for implementation needs like design, copywriting and website development. When sales are down, the first cuts are in marketing; but without marketing, you cannot drive sales. Today, marketing is about presence and speaking to the customer. Social media is not a post several times a week; it is multiple postings daily, with relevant content. Email marketing is about proper segmentation and hearing what your customers are saying. Content is king, but it must be relevant and contain offers for your customers.

What if you could have an experienced marketing team that integrates seamlessly into your infrastructure? A dedicated collaboration bringing new energy and ideas as well as innovative approaches to reach your customers and business partners?

What is Authentic Marketing?

The definition of authentic is of undisputed origin, not a copy; genuine. Simply put, you are true to your brand and audience.

Get Outside Your Business

Sometimes we are too close to our business. Our perspective is one-sided. It is time to step out of our shoes and listen to our customers.

Expertise in Strategy, Implementation, Design and Digital

What happened to all those “special projects,” that never seemed to get off the ground? Gazelle Strategic Partners has full marketing teams, and a Chief Marketing Officer oversees every team.

Hire Only When and For What You Need

Full-time staff is costly even if you only count salary and benefits. Marketing tools also add to your marketing costs. Many small to mid-sized companies outsource marketing so they can focus on the core business.

Who We Are

We know marketing and sales, which go hand in hand. With over 30 years of marketing and business experience, we understand how to drive leads and produce revenue. We have worked with both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies as a total outsourced department, or on specific projects. Six-month assignments turned into six-year engagements, because we delivered fast, effectively and affordable. Whether it was research, product development, trade show
management or full-scope marketing, we delivered on-time and on budget.

Have Some Questions?​

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What People Say

“Gazelle had done a lot of work for us over the last seven years when we did not have a full-time in-house marketing position. They are great for growth companies, especially ones that do not want to hire a full- time marketing team or need some extra marketing help during trade show season, product launches, etc. “

Founder, Executive Chairman of the Board, and Chief Strategy Officer, Human Capital.

“Gazelle is not consultants; they were totally immersed in the company as part of the team. They touch all aspects of our business, including product development.”

CEO, Software Company