Expertise in Strategy, Implementation, Design and Digital

Every company has vision and strategy sessions. They put great initiatives on the wall and get very excited about all of them, but a year later they realize 60% were never executed. There are several reasons for this, but it comes down to resources. Marketing departments have limited resources and need to prioritize. In-house marketing cannot do it all and may not have the right talent to execute on the ideas. Gazelle can bring in the right experts for any possible marketing initiative you have in mind. We proposed a digital holiday card for one of our clients, which required designers, coders, music editors. The client did not have the resources in-house to do the card, but we did. The card took on a life of its own with all the social media sharing and promotions. 

Content is the most challenging for companies. Whitepapers, eBooks, blogs, infographics, and email campaigns take an enormous amount of writing and can be costly. Often companies rely on internal resources, who may have the expertise, but not the time. We work with internal resources for fact-checking and expertise but can push out content at a rapid speed.

Developing content is the first step; however, maximizing the concept takes time and resources. Content sitting on a website does little to “spread the word”. Making the content valuable makes all the difference.