Get Outside Your Business

Gazelle Strategic Partners listens to what you want and delivers what you need. 

Our process is simple. We discover your unique brand and value proposition. What is it that makes you stand apart from your competitors? There is a saying, “Fast, Cheap, and Good. Pick two,” which implies you cannot not have it all. Through the discovery process we learn about your organization and goals to create a strategic plan that works for you and your budget.

Often clients want a social media proposal and when our team takes a deep dive, we conclude the problem is not the social media strategy, but they do not have a marketing strategy. You want leads; however, if your messaging does not provide value the leads will not come. It is like the chicken and egg concept. Which came first?

Everyone knows the story behind the Amazon name. Jeff Bezos wanted to call the company Cadabra; however, his attorneys misunderstood the name and thought it was Cadaver. If his lawyers make that mistake, it was the wrong name. He quickly changed the name to Amazon, exotic and different, which is exactly what they are.

Brand is one of the most overused and misunderstood words in marketing. Simply put brand is a unique design, symbol, or word that describes your products or services. We all know the stories about how brand names replaced the product names. Kleenex is tissues; however, do you ask for tissues or Kleenex? When you cut yourself, do you ask for a Band-Aid, or a wound covering. When you have a headache do you ask for acetylsalicylic acid, or an Aspirin?

During our discovery process we determine who you are. A perfect example of this is Apple, who is about digital lifestyle, not computers. It boils down to how you deliver your products or services. Branding is about your strengths and how to position them. The words are important; however, the tone and personality can make all the difference. A simple change in tone can deliver an entirely different message, and that message has several different audiences.