Hire Only When and What You Need

Today, marketing needs specialists; inbound, outbound, digital, analytics, strategists, event planners, and more. The logistic part of
trade shows has been outsourced for quite some time; however, someone must manage the entire process, which for some companies
is a full-time job. Today, trade show management is also being outsourced to maintain consistency and manage costs. Gazelle helped a client reduce the cost of their trade show management by 70% and provided ROIs for every show.

Designers are another area where outsourcing pays off. There are various levels of design, and by managing the process with  multiple designers the costs can be considerably less than utilizing a single high-end designer or agency. Because Gazelle project manages all activities, they can reduce the project management fees often seen with agencies.

According to the CMO Survey of 2018, 82% of a marketing budget was spent on social media; the growth of digital marketing spending significantly outpaces traditional marketing by 10.25%. Over 20% of a company’s social media is being outsourced to agencies. The top gaps for marketing departments are in digital marketing. The number of direct reports within marketing departments has dropped over 50% in the last 10 years, due to outsourcing. By having Gazelle provide consistent social media posts our clients have gained new followers and increased engagement, which generate an increased number of leads while maximizing overall marketing costs.