Over the past several years companies have brought in coaches to work with their leadership to help build the skills to see themselves more clearly. Through the gathering of information from the executive and their team, a coach can help the individual grow and improve their leadership skills.

One of the biggest issues executives face is the ability to handle crucial conversations. Gazelle Strategic Partners begin with utilizing the best-selling book, “Crucial Conversations”. Mastering the art of crucial conversations allows the executive to gain insight into their ability to build strong and trusting teams.

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Our Goal


Our goal is to work with executives to leverage their existing strengths and address their weaknesses. Through a thorough S.W.O.T analysis we are able to create a unique coaching plan that helps the organization and executive create successful outcomes.

Building successful relationships by successfully managing up, down, and across will help executives understand what it takes to be a leader. No one is an island, most of all company executives and managers. Building trust and relationships will achieve personal and professional goals.

A good coach will help individuals achieve those goals. They will understand what it takes to be a good leader and coach their teams to success.


GSP Coaching services accomplish the above by:

  • Understanding the culture and needs of the organization
  • Performing an individual S.W.O.T analysis
  • Creating a personalized coaching plan for executives and managers based on company goals
  • Obtaining feedback from individuals who work and interface with the person being coached
  • Providing the skills necessary for growth

GSP Consulting is your partner in helping your employees be the best they can be.

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