We have one of the most difficult recruiting markets seen in the last 20 years.  Based on the unemployment numbers, everyone who is able to work is working. Years ago, it was easy, you placed a help wanted ad in the newspaper or a trade journal and attracted candidates. Not so today. Digital Marketing has taken over the recruitment space as well. So much so that we are seeing HR roles emerge specific to digital marketing. If everyone is employed, how do you recruit?

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It all begins with a strong Employee Value Proposition. What can you provide an individual their current employer cannot?  We know today’s generation changes jobs more frequently than in the past. We know people are interested in working for companies that have a social mission. Knowing what prospective employees want is critical; however, more importantly, sharing your story is how you will attract them. We have technology to help with sourcing and building relationships with prospects. The key is building a great process and identifying the right tools to help Talent Acquisition move more quickly.


GSP can help in the following areas:

  • Assessing your current Talent Acquisition structure and strategy
  • Identifying the right tools for your organization
  • Helping you build a roadmap to success
  • Identifying and monitoring KPIs
  • Creating the key metrics to monitor
  • Providing training for the Talent Acquisition team
  • Creating the Employee Value Proposition
  • Creating messaging that will attract prospective candidates

GSP has over 25 years helping clients build their talent acquisition strategies and programs and can do the same for you.

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